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    Fort Lee, VA - Chaplain

    Contact Your Chaplain

    Senior Garrison Chaplain, 734-6494

    Garrison NCOIC, 734-6493

    Deputy Garrison Chaplain, 734-6490

    Family Life Chaplain, 734-0165

    Pastoral Care Chaplain, 734-0980

    Catholic Priest, 734-1437

    49TH Quartermaster Group, 734-7027

    530th Quartermaster BN Rear Det 734-7414

    59th Ordnance Brigade, 734-4981

    16th Ordnance BN, 765-9906

    832nd Ordnance BN, 765-9906

    23RD Quartermaster Brigade, 734-3377

    262ND Quartermaster BN/Marines

    244TH Quartermaster BN/Navy

    266TH Quartermaster BN/Air Force

    Army Logistics University, 765-8010

    For Emergencies (Only) after duty hours contact the duty chaplain at the IOC, (804)734-1584.

    Catholic Mass 0845 & 1200 Sun
    Daily Catholic Mass - 1145 Mon-Thurs
    Korean Mass - 1830 every 4th Saturday
    *All service are at Memorial Chapel
    Ministry Events
    Sacrament of reconciliation by appointment or on Sundays 08:15- 08:30.

    Baptism Preparation Class:
    For those who wish to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, classes are held the last Sunday and Baptism on the first Sunday at 1030.

    Catholic Religious Education:
    Classes will meet at Memorial Chapel every Sunday, 1030-1145.

    Catholic Youth:
    The weekly meeting for the Youth group is on Sunday from 1300-1430

    Women's Ministry:
    MCCW meets First Friday 0900 96 1200 and the following Monday at 1830.

    Catholic Men of the Chapel Ministry:
    Fort Lee Knights of Columbus monthly meeting is on the third Sunday of every month at 1030 at Memorial Chapel

    Homebound Ministry:
    We care for the spiritual fitness of the community members who are unable to attend Mass due to illness or confinement to the home. We bring the Sacraments to them. Please contact us when you or your loved one needs to receive the anointing of the sick or others sacraments at home.

    Contemporary AIT, Heritage Chapel - 0930 Sun

    Collective Protestant, Memorial Chapel - 1015 Sun

    Collective AIT, Hatcher Hall, Ord Campus - 1030 Sun

    Spanish Prot. Service, Heritage Chapel - 1100 Sun

    Collective Prot. (Gospel), Liberty Chapel - 1115 Sun

    Samoan Prot. Service, Heritage Chapel - 1400 Sun

    Chapel NeXt Contemporary, Liberty Chapel, fellowship meal 1700, Service begins at 1800 Sun

    Ministry Events
    Memorial Chapel
    Sunday School 0900-1000 Sun
    Club Beyond Youth Group - 1500-1800 Sun
    Adult Choir Practice - 1900-2030 Wed
    Prot. Women/Chapel Bible Study - 1730-1830 Wed
    Prot. Women/Chapel - 0930-1200 Thur
    Young Adult Bible Study - 1830-2030 Thur
    Prot Men of the Chapel Prayer Breakfast - 0800-1100 (Third Sat of the month)

    Liberty Chapel
    Sunday School - 1000-1050 Sun
    Women92s Bible Study - 1830-2000 Mon

    Gospel Ensemble Choir Rehearsal - 1830 Tue(Before 1st & 4th Sunday)
    Gospel Youth Ensemble (Before 2nd Sunday) 1830 Tue

    Bible Study - 1900-2030 Wed
    Male Chorus (Before 3rd & 5th Sunday)1900 Fri
    Men92s Prayer Breakfast (1st Saturday) 0830
    Women92s Prayer Breakfast(3rd Saturday) 0900
    (Piccadilly Restaurant in Colonial Heights)

    Heritage Chapel
    Spanish Bible Study - 1930 Fri

    Bri'th Achim in Petersburg, (804) 732-3968
    1930 Fri and 1000 Sat

    1215-1315 Fri, 23rd Brigade Spiritual Fitness Center, Bldg 3701, 16th Street

    0745 Sun Breakfast & 0830-1130 Sun Service
    23rd Brigade Spiritual Fitness Center
    Bldg 3701, 16th Street
    Institute Class: 1500-1700 Sat 23rd Brigade Spiritual Fitness Center, Bldg 3701, 16th Street
    (804) 734-6494

    AIT Movie and a Message
    1830-2030 Wed, 1000-1200 Thur
    23rd Brigade Spiritual Fitness Center
    Bldg 3701, 16th Street